Posted by: roblanger | December 23, 2009

From 91 to 71

In July, 2008, I had reached my breaking point. I had ballooned to a hefty 91 kilos (200 lbs.) on my roughly 1.8 meter frame (5′ 10″) after too many years of inactivity.

With Ray Romano

That’s me on the left. ;^) This was taken exactly one week before I started running to lose some weight while I continued my love affair with pizza.

Today, I weigh about 73 kilos. I’ve been pretty stable at this weight for about 6 months now, and after a year and a half of regular running (I’ve been averaging about 75 kilometers a week for the last few months), I think I’m ready to take a run at qualifying for the Boston Marathon as my major running goal for 2010.

A svelt new me with Matt and Ben!

Ultimately. I would like to get down to 71 kilos for my Boston qualifying goal race in May of 2010. Let’s see!

This photo was taken exactly one year after I began running (at the same poker tournament in Vegas where I met Ray Romano the year before).

This will be my second marathon. In January, 2004 I ran the Bermuda International Marathon to raise money for the Arthritis Society of Canada as part of their Joints in Motion program. It was a great experience, but I didn’t train properly and I paid dearly for it with a foot injury the caused me to stop running completely after the marathon.

My time at that event by the way, was 4:50:00. That means I need to shave one hour and 30 minutes off of my personal best to qualify for Boston! I think I’ll do things a little differently this time around.

Check out the About page for some more info about me and my goals for this blog.


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