Posted by: roblanger | December 24, 2009

Running Form

Until I started educating myself on some of the recent theories on running form, I struggled with pain in my shins, knees and lower back.

However, since January 2009, I’ve been using some of the concepts espoused in books like ChiRunning, The Pose Method, and Evolution Running. They are all pretty similar, but tend to differ in how you finally achieve the “proper” running form.

Very simply put, you can reduce the risk of injury by striking the ground directly beneath your general centre of gravity, landing on your mid or forefoot, rather than your heel. Also, a slight lean at the ankles with straight alignment from your head to your feet will allow you to work with gravity, making your stride far more economical, using less energy.

It took me a long time (about three months) to be able to effectively employ many of the concepts that I felt were beneficial to me, and so that they became second nature. The effort, however, has paid off incredibly. Not only have I completely eliminated all of the aches and pains that I had prior to improving my running form, but I’m also a much faster runner at the same perceived effort level.

I encourage you to check each of these theories out and find what works for you.


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