Posted by: roblanger | December 24, 2009

Running Podcasts

I’m a big fan of podcasts, in general, and running in particular, although I enjoy business, technology and the occasional sports podcast as well.

If you are into running or interested in what it takes to become a runner, here are a few of my favourite running podcasts:

Phedippidations: A well-produced (although a little bit goofy) podcast on all things running. Definitely one of my faves.

iRun The Running Show: Radio show out of Ottawa with Ray Zahab, an ultra-runner who, among other nutty adventures, ran across the Sahara in 111 days (check out the film “Running the Sahara“, it’s pretty crazy).

Running with the Pack: Two guys talking marathons, triathalons etc.

Dirt Dawg’s Rambling Diatribes: Another ultra-runner takes you along with him on his training runs as he tries to complete his first 100 mile race.

These podcast have definitely both motivated and educated me since I began running a year and a half ago, and I may take a shot one day at doing my own podcast. But for now, let’s see if I can at least keep up with regular posting to my blog.

If you have any of your own recommendations for must-listen running podcasts, let me know in the comments. Thanks.


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