Posted by: roblanger | December 29, 2009

Advanced Marathoning

Just ordered a copy of Pete Pfitzinger’s well respected “Advanced Marathoning 2”. I’ve read a lot of positive things about this book and its training plans so I figured I would give it a shot for my training for the Mississauga marathon in May.

There are a some 18-week plans that have the runners cover either up to 90 kilometers per week or between 90 and 112 kilometers per week. I think, given my current level of fitness, I could comfortably do the “up to 90” plan so I think I’ll try to push myself to do between 90 and 112.

Marathon day is May 16th, which means my training will begin, in earnest, next week. I ordered the book from Amazon, so let’s hope it shows up in time.

As mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve been averaging about 75km/wk for the last few months. I’ll try to bump that up to about 85kms this week, and I should be ready to start my first week on the Pfitzinger plan next week.

If you’ve used any of the plans from this book, let me know what you thought.


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