Posted by: roblanger | January 11, 2010

Week 1 – Pfitz 18/70

Well, week 1 is complete of my 18 week 113k (70 mile) max Pfitzinger training schedule. It was tough, but then again, it’s supposed to be, I guess.

Monday – 14k with 6k of lactate threshold running (avg. pace 4:15/k). This was a really good workout and was a great way to kick off my marathon training.

Tuesday 18k medium long run. The pace wasn’t fast (5:14/k), but my legs felt like lead from the previous day and I really wanted to pack it in at about 10k. I guess this is the kind of training that will really pay off in the last 10k of the marathon!

Wednesday – 8k recovery run. Slow, slow, slow.

Thursday –  14k General Aerobic run to build up my aerobic capacity. Pace was around 5:10, so it’s not a tough run, but it’s a good workout.

Friday – Another easy day before my long run… 8k slow recovery run.

Saturday – 26k Long Run. Went out with a brand new group of runners called the Ultimate Warriors. Met some great people and there were runners of all levels so I always had people to run with at my pace. Thanks Wayne and Todd! It was very cold and a bit slippery on the route we took, but I still managed to clock a 5:14 pace and felt great the entire way. That’s a good sign, I do believe.

Total distance for the week, 88.17k.


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