Posted by: roblanger | March 9, 2010

Incredible week!!!

This past week was truly a breakthrough for my running. Again, I ran further than I have ever run before; 118 kms! But it wasn’t just the distance that made it such a great week, it was the both the physical and mental ease with which I completed my workouts.

First, my two long runs of the week, 24k on Wednesday and 35k on Sunday both felt great, and I was able to very quickly recover from both of them. Maybe it was the tremendous weather we’ve been having recently. Three hours out on the road for a long run is made much easier when it’s sunny and 10 degrees in the middle of March!

I had a very challenging run scheduled for Friday. It was a tempo run of 18k with 10k run at a very fast pace (for me). I managed the 10k with an average pace of 4:10/k. Wow, I’ve never run a faster 10k, and that was in the middle of an 18k run. It was certainly a really tough workout, but I felt I could have done it even faster if it had been a 10k race.

These workouts have got me really excited for my upcoming race. I will be running Around the Bay, in Hamilton, Ontario on March 28th. It’s a 30k road race with a ton of history. In fact, it’s the oldest road race in North America. I’m not sure if I will run all out for the entire 30k because I will have a pretty tough week of training that week. But, I would be really happy if I can run 2:20 or better.



  1. wow – wicked pace for the 10k in your 18k workout. Congrats! this is super inspiring. I did the chilly on the weekend – great race! I’m on a mission now to qualify for Boston – it will be challenging to squeeze this all in with the bike racing through the summer. But the biking has definitely strengthened my legs and helped with increasing the pace! You rock Rob and are an inspiration!

  2. Get rid of the bike and concentrate on running! Just kidding 🙂

    Ok, it’s official. There’s a party in Boston in April 2011, and Kris is gonna be there. If anyone can do it, I know you can.

    I just hope I’m invited to the party along with you!

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