Posted by: roblanger | March 22, 2010

Thank God for Pennsaid!

My ankle isn’t getting much better, but I’ve been able to keep up with the miles and the intensity due to a little wonder drug called Pennsaid.

I don’t think it’s available just yet in the States, but for us lucky folks in Canada and the UK, we get the effectiveness of an oral NSAID, in a topical format that has none of the lovely GI and kidney issues that accompany oral NSAIDs.

NSAIDs can be especially dangeroues for endurance athletes and doctors frequently warn against using them before running marathons. With Pennsaid, these dangers are virtually non-existent.

My race this coming Sunday will be a real test of not only my level of fitness, but also my injury. If I can manage to get around the 30k course with a minimum of pain, I think I’ll be able to manage the rest of my training, and my marathon, with Pennsaid by my side.

If not, then I will seriously have to consider shutting it down and resting my ankle until I can run without issue. It’s going to have to be some serious pain during the race though to force me to shut down my training. I’ve worked way too hard up to this point to stop now.



  1. good luck on your race this weekend. i hope your ankle behaves. If not – take the time to repair it – listen to your body!

  2. Thanks Kris. I’m really looking forward to this race so I’m going to take it really easy this week and hopefully I’ll be ready to go come race day.

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