Posted by: roblanger | March 29, 2010

Around the Bay

I finally had an opportunity to test out my fitness in yesterday’s Around the Bay 30k race in Hamilton, Ontario, and I’m pretty excited about the results.

While my week of training leading up to the race wasn’t absolutely ideal, I still managed to put in 60k before the race. I struggled with pain in my left ankle and decided to take a scheduled 18k run on Friday, off. That turned out to be a good idea, because I felt pretty good on Saturday; good enough to do an easy 10k.

The conditions on race day were excellent. It was about 6 degrees and slightly overcast (so no excuses there)!

I was pretty close to the front of the pack at the start of the race so I didn’t have to weave through slower traffic at that start, which was nice. I probably headed out a little too quickly given my adrenalin and excitement, but managed to slow down a little after the first sub 4:00 kilometer.

Went through the first 10k in just over 42 minutes and felt very strong. Ankle wasn’t giving me any trouble, and the pace felt quite comfortable.

I managed a similar split for the next 10k and went through the 20k mark in just over 1:26 and had a half-marathon split of 1:30 and a few seconds. However, just after the half-marathon mark I managed to roll my right ankle on a downhill stretch. It hurt like a son-of-a-gun and I had to stop for short break and sit down on the side of the road.

I was able pull it together and get going again, but my first kilometer after that was a relatively slow 5 minutes. Fortunately, the ankle loosened up after that and I was able to pick up the pace and turn in some sub 4:30 kilometers.

A pretty major hill at kilometer 26 slowed me down and I was spent by the time I reached the top, but a friend I went to the race with caught me at just after the 27k mark and helped drag my butt to the finish line!

Broke the tape (ha!) in 2:12:01, which I’m incredibly pleased with. Garmin time shows 2:11:39, that’s because I decided to pause the watch after writhing in pain for a minute. Didn’t know when I’d get going again! However, the 2:12 puts my average pace at 4:24/km and translates to a marathon time at just over 3:10! I think if I can continue to be consistent with my training, my ankle holds, and I’m blessed with good conditions on race day, I should be able to achieve my goal of qualifying for Boston. Those are a lot of “ifs” though.

Keeping my fingers crossed and my legs moving!!

Garmin Connect – Activity Details for Around the Bay.



  1. Congrats! Right on – wicked time. Nicely done! Boston here you come. Take good care of that ankle.

  2. Both ankles are feeling pretty good today (touch wood). It’s my quads that are burning! There were some pretty good hills in the second half of that race and I didn’t hold back, especially on the downhills.

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