Posted by: roblanger | April 7, 2010

Racing Weight

I woke up this morning to find that I had hit my desired racing weight of 71 kilos. As I’ve found along the way going from 90 kilos to my current weight, every time I have reached a desired goal, while I feel great satisfaction for achieving the goal, I continue to want more.

So it is with this goal. With 5 weeks left to my marathon, I think I can comfortably lose one more kilo. Whether or not that will improve my overall performance, who knows? When training, there is an incredibly fine balance between limiting your calories to lose weight, and not taking in enough calories, negatively impacting your performance in your tough workouts. I think I’d prefer to be slightly heavier and still get in the good workouts.

Having said that, after already having completed 13 weeks of training, ‘ the hay is in the barn’ for the most part, as they say, and I’m not likely to improve my fitness significantly from here on in.

The other aspect of my weight loss that I’ve experienced is the strange comments I’ve received from friends and family. I was playing cards recently with a bunch of guys I hadn’t seen in a while, and one of them actually asked me if I was ‘OK’? Do I really look sickly? And even if I did, is that even appropriate to ask? I assured him that I was fine, more than fine even!

I told this story to my buddy who I run my long runs with, and he told me a joke that goes something like this:

When people start noticing that you’ve lost weight, you know that you could still lose about 10 more pounds.

When people start saying you look really skinny, you know that you could still lose about 5 more pounds.

When people start asking if you’re OK, you know that you’ve hit racing weight!



  1. congrats on the mississ. marathon.

    You have dropped alot of weight. If you don’t minfd me asking what is your height ? i.e. weight tied to height. I am interested as I too would like to shed some pounds.


  2. Thanks essa. I’m about 1.77m or just shy of 5’10”.

    At 71 kilos, I am slimmer than I was in high school 25 years ago.

    I think when I’m not training, 73 to 75 kilos is a more realistic weight for me.

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