Posted by: roblanger | April 12, 2010

Another solid week in the books!

While I did struggle with pain in my ankle at times this week, I did manage to put in 117 kilometers. More importantly, yesterday’s long run was pain free.

I was able to do 35k in 2:56, completely pain free. It was an incredibly beautiful April morning, and I felt truly grateful to be out on the roads, running kilometer after kilometer. It was the easiest long run I’ve had since I began my marathon training back in January. I felt like I could have easily continued on to do the full marathon distance, and this was at the end of a week of hard training.

My interval session on Tuesday wasn’t perfect, but it got done… mostly. I was scheduled to do 16k with 6 x 1k at 5k pace, but could only manage 5 x 1k at an average pace of about 3:45/k. This was by far the toughest workout I’ve done to date, and I shut the speed work down during my 5th rep because of some tightness in my left quad. No need to risk further injury at this point. I did cruise the remainder of the way though to get in the entire 16k.

Wednesday’s 24k mid-week long run was a bit painful on a tender ankle and dead legs from the previous day’s workout. But I struggled through it in 2:06. According to Pete Pfitzinger, the author of the training plan I’m using, the mid-week long runs are the most important runs on the schedule, so I’ve tried to be as consistent as possible with them. It’s tough to do becuase work and life can easily get in the way during the week, but the payoff is huge.

Thursday was an easy day with morning and evening recovery runs. I usually do 10k in the morning and 6k just before dinner. These are done at a really easy pace for me, around 5:45/k. This allows me to get in the distance and still be relatively fresh for the week’s hard workouts.

Friday I did 18k at an average pace of 5:16/k. A little slower than I wanted, but my ankle was really bothering me. At this point, I didn’t think I was going to have much luck on my weekend long run. But, I took it really easy on Saturday with 8k in the morning, then spent the rest of the day waiting hand and foot on my wife Noriko, as it was her 40th birthday. We had a great bbq with a bunch of friends on a spectacular day. I stayed away from the booze though because I knew if I drank, I’d really pay for it the next day.

All in all, a pretty successful week.

To my buddies going to Boston this week, I wish you all great weather and personal bests at the 114th running. See you there next year!!!!


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