Posted by: roblanger | December 8, 2010

More Change

I’ve decided to take a somewhat new approach with my blog. While I will still post about trials and tribulations as I prepare for the 115th running of the Boston Marathon, I’ve decided to take a more generalized approach to achieving excellence with my blog (read the About page for the details).

Given that, I would like to recommend a wonderful book I recently read, Linchpin, by Seth Godin.

LinchpinIf you want to become indispensable at work, then you absolutely need to read this book. Seth argues that we all need to be artists in our jobs, continually creating and recreating our roles, opportunities, and the way that we approach our work.

Do this, and do it with the passion of a true artist, and you will become indispensable.

Is there really any other way to live? The alternative seems to be a life sentence of compliance, and striving for mediocrity.


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