Posted by: roblanger | March 1, 2010

Not too Scary!

I was pretty scared about this past week’s training schedule, but it really wasn’t all that bad. I guess the mileage I’ve been putting in recently is having the desired effect on my body.

My long run yesterday wasn’t easy. The conditions were terrible; slushy, icey and windy, and in fact, I ended up  cutting it short by 2k. Not because I couldn’t do the distance, but because I was running with a group that were only doing 32k, and I also had to get home to get ready for the Gold Medal hockey party I was going to that afternoon. What a game it was too! Woooohoooo Canada!!!! I still managed to do the distance in 2:41:00, which is about 5:09/km.

I felt really strong today too. In the Pfitzinger plan, Monday’s are a rest/cross training day. But, for some reason I was really itching to run, so I did a very easy 8k. Normally, I would have forced myself to take the day off to ensure that I would be fresh for my training run tomorrow, but tomorrow is a pretty easy day in the schedule so I think I’ll be fine.

This week, there are even more miles on the schedule, but I’m not scared anymore. Bring it on (I really hope I don’t end up eating those words)!


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